Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Employees

  • By Amy Roberts

The best gift-givers have one thing in common- they’re thoughtful. One way to be thoughtful about gift giving is to start by making a list of interests or characteristics of the person you’re buying for. In the case of buying for an employee, you may think of their work habits or personal interests and how those tie in with your company culture. Remember that your gift will be a reflection of your company’s values.

Gift giving tip: Rather than trying to find the perfect gift- pick a subject and curate a few items around that. Think of it as a care package of sorts.

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Here are some items you might include in your gift box according to your employee’s work habits:


For the Lifelong Learner

Do you have a professional development guru on your team who is continuously learning and striving for self-improvement? Consider a journal set and swanky pen for those aha moments. Gifts like these show your appreciation and support for their commitment to learning. 


Featured Box: Schedule Fewer Meetings (not really, but relax a little)

For the Over-Timer

Have an employee who never shuts off? They don’t stop until the job is done- they’re the first to clock in and the last to clock out.

Recognize their hard work but encourage some balance and relaxation with stress proof items. These sugar cubes that look good enough to eat but are meant for in-shower pampering, ie. exfoliating. Paired with sea salt caramels, they’ll have no choice but to savor a sweet moment to themselves.

Featured Box: Just Breathe 

For the Socially and Environmentally Conscious

They’re the first to suggest a volunteer day at the animal shelter, or maybe they’re the reason the office recycles. Reward their stewardship with a gift from a company that gives back, like these essential oil towelettes from Happy Spritz. They use their profits to donate to and rescue dogs every month.

For those with Wanderlust

They work hard and play harder. This person knows how to hustle to make the most of their time and plans getaways like it's their second job. Recognize this traveler’s hard work and help them get ready for their next trip with a new luggage tag or a journal to document their trips or plan their next adventure.

Feature box: Lift Off!

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