Our 1st b social box Pop Up!!

THANK YOU to everyone that supported our 1st b social box Pop Up! What a great time meeting so many "new faces" and getting to showcase b social box.


We loved all the energy, feedback and interest.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to build a new company, grow a new company and share it with so many people. 


A "special THANK YOU" to TDMIndy (Ellen and Whitney Brown) and G. Michael Salon (Joe and Greg) for donating some FAB giveaways for the event.  And our "gracious event space hosts" Ironworks at Keystone Apartments. And MANY THANKS to family and friends that helped out at the Pop Up - "it takes a village" is SO TRUE!!

We look forward to continuing to grow our company with each and every one of you! 

Much appreciated!   - Amy


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