How to Have the Ultimate Self Care Practice

  • By Amy Roberts

Hello - I recently had a lengthy and in-depth conversation with Jen Agnew, a certified Integrated Holistic Health Coach and Personal Stylist, about many topics, but focused on Self-Care! Something, as a new business owner, I wanted to make sure I don't forget to make a priority in my life. I hope you enjoy the discussion and read below from Jen, that she was so kind to write for b social box. Enjoy, Amy


How to Have the Ultimate Self-Care Practice

Self-care goes beyond the occasional mani-pedi or massage.  Don't get me wrong, these are great examples of taking time for yourself, but in order to reap the benefits of self-care, you must make a consistent commitment and expand your routine of caring for yourself to nourish all levels of your being. 


Self-care isn't scary and it isn't selfish. Self-care is a scheduled activity that nurtures and refuels you at a deep level.  Each of us has many sides that make us whole, so this activity is unique to who you are and where you are in life. 


Physical Body:

  • Ample quality sleep
  • Routine checkups
  • Healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Get your hair done

Spiritual Beliefs:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Relationship to Self:

  • Daily journal
  • Cooking
  • Gratitude
  • Alone time

Relationship to Others:

  • Time with friends
  • Time with children
  • Family visits

Emotional and Mental State:

  • Laughter
  • Crying
  • Learn something new
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Baths
  • Daily outdoor time
  • Reading
  • Digital detox for periods of time


  • Goal setting
  • Vacationing
  • Taking time off
  • Learning new skills
  • Self-advocating


In the realm of self-care, the options are limitless. The key is to identify which areas of your life need attention and engage in activities that support you on a regular basis.  You may find that what works for you changes over time.  You must give yourself permission to practice self-care to have a fulfilling life.  Engaging in regular, high quality self-care is crucial; it has a positive ripple effect on your overall success and happiness in life. 

It has taken me too many years to understand and implement this.  But now, my self-care practice is growing consistently.  At first I tackled healthy food and periods of alone time.  Then I was able to move onto exercise and regular doctor check-ups.  Now I am moving onto meditation and journaling along with more outdoor (alone) time. 


  • Take time each month to check in with yourself and identify which areas need support.
  • Choose the activities you will engage in on a weekly basis.
  • Schedule time in your calendar for each item.
  • Trust and empower the people you care for to take care of themselves so that you can take care of yourself. 
  • Start small and build on practices that best serve you over time. 

The final piece in creating effective self-care rituals is establishing a positive attitude and a determined mind-set.  By allowing yourself the time and space to practice self-care without negative emotions weighing you down, you and those around you will reap the benefits.  Your energy and enthusiasm for life will shine and you will begin to attract the people and things in your life that you most desire. 


Which areas of your life would you like to focus some specific attention on?


Jen Agnew is a certified Integrated Holistic Health Coach and Personal Stylist.  She specializes in work/life balance, holistic nutrition and body positivity.  After 15+ years in the fashion business, she pivoted her career to follow her true passion of health and wellness by launching Healthstyled.  Jen is driven to empower our healthiest-selves through nutrition, life style and body positivity shifts.  No matter the motivation, Jen will help you create sustainable habits and style, along with new knowledge to live a healthy balanced life that is unique to YOU!

Connect with Jen today at to get a free consult, to find out about her offerings or to just say hi! (Instagram: @healthstyled)

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