How E-Commerce Changed Gift Giving Forever

  • By Amy Roberts

Online shopping has made it easier than ever to feel good about the gift you’re giving and awe your giftee. The item itself doesn’t need to be expensive or jaw-dropping it’s the significance of the gift that matters. E-commerce has made it possible to find unique, personalized gifts without going store-to-store at brick-and-mortar shops.

Why ditch traditional shopping and get gifts online?

1. Save Time and Money

The biggest reason of all to get gifts online to how much time you will save. Have you ever gone out looking for a specific item and searched from store to store only to find that the item is sold out or you can’t find exactly what you had in mind? Think about how much more convenient it is to sit with your coffee and discover what you’re looking for in a few clicks. This way you can quickly compare prices as well, saving money with little effort.

2. Shop Small- Near or Far

Online shopping makes it possible to support small “local” businesses no matter where they are. You can look around at your local shops in town, but what is available will be limited. Shopping for gifts online puts unlimited unique gifts at your fingertips, and you can feel great about supporting small businesses.

3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered to Their Door

You can have a beautifully wrapped gift sent directly to the recipient, card included, but skip the lines at the post office.

4. G-commerce: the Future of Gift Giving 

G-commerce is a relatively new term used to describe buying and giving gifts online. b social box makes it easy to order hand-curated gifts and send them beautifully wrapped and ready to love. Select the occasion, select the gift box your recipient will love, add a personal note and checkout. Try it out!

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