5 Steps to Create the Perfect Bridesmaid Box

  • By Amy Roberts

Weddings can be stressful enough, but the newly found pressure to pamper bridesmaids with the perfect gift right after you get engaged can be overwhelming. With bridesmaid proposals trending all over social media, bridesmaid gifts are one of the most popular ways to announce your wedding party – particularly with the ever famous bridesmaid box

Your bridesmaids are a critical part of your special day, so of course, it’s important to treat them accordingly. The perfect bridesmaid box can be a beautiful expression of the gratitude you have with your best friends, so here are five easy steps to make one today.

Keep it clean & simple.

If you wouldn’t use an item regularly, don’t buy it for your girls. Think about looking for minimalistic, clean designs that are timeless and useful. No matter how tempting some of the gifts you stumble across may seem, focus on providing gifts of value your bridesmaids will enjoy. For instance, purchase a warm sugared citrus scented candle that may be a bit more expensive over a hodge-podge of matching $1 finds that will end up in the trash can after a photo is taken. Your friends will thank you!

Sugared Citrus Bridesmaid Candle

Create a theme.

Based on your interests or common interests amongst your bridesmaids, try creating themed boxes like the perfect self care spa day, or pop the question with champagne and other sweet accessories. Themes tie your box together and create a meaningful gift of appreciation for your best friends. If you’re planning an elopement or destination wedding, consider adding stemless drinkware for travel, luggage tags, multipurpose balm or even sugar exfoliating cubes to prep their skin during beach time. 

Tailor in a color palette.

This is a fun opportunity to throw in your wedding colors, or experiment and let your besties help you decide for the first time. Sage, dusty rose, berry, and sun yellow are the perfect colors to add to your palette, and finding gifts with these colors intertwined create a cohesive aesthetic for any Instagram feed. Not to mention, your bridesmaids will love the photo op and chance to weigh in on something so important for your wedding day. 

Personalize each box.

Though it can be hard to find balance, try to add special elements for each bridesmaid. For instance, even if most of your other bridesmaids like floral-scented candles but one loves pine, see if you can swap out for a different scent. The most important way to set each bridesmaid apart each box is by messaging, so write a beautiful note, or personalize the contents of each box for each bridesmaid.

Make the ask!

At the end of the day, allow your bridal box to be the perfect opportunity to pop the question to all of your girls. Your bridesmaid box offers a wonderful chance to present your love for your closest friends and is a special way to ask them to be a part of the most important day of your life.

No matter how busy this season may seem, ensure you take time to show up for the people that show up most for you. 

And if you need some help, we have amazing options waiting for you!

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